NEW: Lunice & Angel Haze – Gimme That

In every interview I’ve read or seen where Lunice is asked ‘What’s next?’ his reply has always been he wants to work with rappers and after this release you can be sure he won’t be short of rappers wanting to collaborate. The crossover success of the TNGHT project has also allowed for that and I can see a demand for beats from the biggest rappers in the charts in the same way everyone wanted a Swiss Beatz Timbaland or Neptunes beat back in the day. This collaboration with the audacious New York based young rapper Angel Haze, is a good one. The customary heavy 808s pound away making you feel ready for either a fight or a dance, or something in-between. Haze’s flow and voice fit the bill too, the beat sounds like it was made with her in mind. She is an interesting prospect, still very raw, anyone who’s heard her graphically personal song ‘Cleaning out my closet’ will tell you she’s brave and obviously has talent. I hope she doesn’t become gimmicky and stray into the Nicki Minaj territory of US female rappers.

Lunice and Hudmo will be performing as TNGHT at the Oval space in London this evening to a sold out crowd. We got to see them live earlier this year at Village Underground and for anyone who has tickets, be prepared for a raucous and ridiculously enjoyable night full of bass and a lot of jumping around.


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