NEW: Little Dragon – Sunshine (Shlohmo Remix)

Shlohmo is becoming a grandmaster at the art of remixing. I love the fact you can tell it’s a Shlohmo remix 5 seconds into the track yet each one is distinctive enough from the next to keep them from getting formulaic. However, what is consistent, is the rich layers of synths and screwed up vocal samples that sit nicely on perfectly mixed down drum patterns. They seem to me to be Shlohmo’s take on the RnB he grew up on, the songs start in a dark place and end in this feeling of absolute triumph. They are emotional, they are dark and sexy love songs that when heard on a system will also make you screw your face and rock your head the same way a sub heavy dancefloor bass line does. And as for the recipient of this remix ‘Little Dragon’ it’s a curious choice but he makes it work, the beautiful Yukimi Nagano’s voice cuts through like butter. Listen below…


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