NEW: Holy Other – Held

Hailing from the Tri Angle record label home to Clams Casino amongst others….Holy Other first captured my attention with the stunning ‘With You’. A ridiculously moving and captivating track. ‘Held’ is the new album due for release on 27th August and it lives up to the quality of Holy Other’s previous releases. This album manages to be loads of things at once, evoking both the deepest of sorrow and pure euphoria at the very same time. I often talk about loving when music can take me on a journey, and ‘Held’ is the most deep and personal of journeys. Industrial in parts, often switching tempo mid song, super soulful vocal samples and chord structures, every song is a patient build up to an emotional and almost theatrical crescendo. I highly recommend you take a listen to this, in it’s entirety, on your own, to get the full effect. There are obvious influences yes, this isn’t groundbreaking, I’ve heard this done before BUT not so godaym well for a very very long time.

Take a seat, Play All, Breathe, Repeat….



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