VIDEO: XXYYXX – Overdone ft. Anneka

xxyyxxXXYYXX serves up a stripped back and restrained beat that simmers and bubbles over at just the right moments, underscoring a great vocal from Brighton artist Anneka. He’s been quiet of late and the content he has released, has pointed towards an experimental stage for the 18 year old Florida native, which I find incredibly exciting. I hope that his vast array of followers allow the space and time for him to do this, as I’m certain they’ll be treated to something both innovative and special at the end of it. Peep the stunning visuals below, a great example of how expressive dance with the right set, in the right context, with the right music can be powerful and beautiful.

Producer: Beste Yamalıoğlu
Director: Can Eren (
Performer: Caner Omur


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