NEW: Disclosure, Nile Rodgers , Sam Smith & Jimmy Napes – Together


This is no doubt a collaboration of note. Like most of the world I was curious as to whether it was gonna work or whether it was gonna go down in the Bone Thugs & Phil Collins category of collaborations. For all intents and purposes, it’s a solid number. The overall production is tight, Sam Smith throws down layers of sex in those vocals and Nile Rodgers adds that sheen with riffs only he can imagine and realise. The result is both funky and groovy. My only gripe and I’m prepared to be horrendously wrong here, is that it sounds like the whole track is limited by what Disclosure have to offer in this context. The repetitive electronic elements of the song don’t quite work for me at this tempo and are even intrusive at times. If you compare this song to something like Prince – Breakfast Can Wait, you’ll instantly hear what this song is lacking. It just needed a little bit more spontaneity and live feel, to really make it something I’d still be playing next year and beyond. That almost feels harsh but I really do like it, and I like Disclosure a lot, their take on pop is refreshing! They have a great palette for music which will hopefully continue steering them to making interesting music with interesting musicians.

Listen below


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