DOWNLOAD: Noyce – Moment’s Good

The days are getting shorter and the cold is well and truly here, November is the month I spend reminiscing; about summer nights, beach holidays, the one that got away and generally waiting for the christmas party season to begin so I can get fat and  go to some of the best nights of the year. Sifting through Soundcloud the other day I found this charming little E.P. from Manchester/Sheffield producer ‘Noyce’. It’s the perfect accompaniment to the November blues, it will genuinely chill you out. In-fact try squinting and watching the visuals above and you’ll see exactly what I mean.

Some lovely melodies and chords underpinned by gorgeous crackly samples that we have all come to associate with downtempo music like this. It could have done maybe with a switch up in pace in parts to differentiate it a little from obvious comparisons that will be made with Mount Kimbie and maybe Baths, but there’s enough here to see this guy’s talented in his own right. The musicality is there and will ensure you come back to this album more than once. Put your feet up, zone out and stream below or download the full E.P. HERE.


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