Dress-down Friday: DJ Q – Brandy and Coke

Hands down one of my favourite shows as a kid…along with Sister Sister, Hangtime, California Dreams etc.

Brand new feature: Yep it’s Friday again which means we’re taking things casual. This week’s track is kind of a tribute to probably the single most successfully sampled voice in dance music over the last couple of years….Brandy. The sultry RnB songstress has a tone to her voice that is so effortlessly unique and so recordable that producers like Burial, Blawan and Two Inch Punch haven’t really had to do much to perfectly interlace her vocals into their complex beats. And on this Friday’s selection from garage and bassline stalwart DJ Q, the same formula applies, just a lil tempo shift really needed to the Brandy classic ‘Best Friend‘ and it fits perfectly in to this special 2-step dub-plate. I defy you not to nod your head, it’s Friday……break yo neck!!!


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