NEW: Trimbal – Confidence Boost (Harmonimix)

Two questions….who is the UK’s best MC? and what happened to James Blake?

Well firstly Trimbal a.k.a Taliban Trim a.k.a Javan St. Prix makes a very good claim for that title. I’ve had a vested interest in Trim since the start of his career as I actually went to school in East London with him. He has always been a quick-witted and charismatic character and that has always been apparent in his music too, from early mixtape freestyles to his stint with Roll Deep. A unique flow coupled with a commanding voice, this guy is so much more than a gimmicky hype-man. This new video offers a glimpse into a much darker and intriguing  side of his music, he’s always saying something interesting and always in a very interesting way, he is the breath of fresh air that Grime has desperately needed for so long now!

James Blake’s meteoric rise saw him come second in the BBC’s sound of 2011 list behind Jessie J. Although record labels, and managers love being on these kind of lists (as it usually transfers to healthy album sales) it’s not necessarily healthy for the natural development of the artist and the public’s exposure to that artist. James Blake’s early success was somewhat tempered by a bit of a backlash from his supporters in the underground dance scene, many of whom weren’t happy with his musical direction. Maybe this (re) release is an indication of where James Blake’s music may be heading in the future? or is this just a one off? We shall be finding out very soon as he tours the UK in December with new material.


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