Video: BINKBEATS – Beats Unraveled #6: J Dilla Live Mixtape


The earliest known records of ‘one-man-bands’ date from the 13th century, with stories of musicians playing the flute and tabor in rural parts of Europe. Since then more complicated set ups have been fashioned including almost comical mechanical contraptions to trigger instruments. They are often gimmicky and the music they produce is rarely any good, this cannot be said about Dutch multi-instrumentalist and producer BINKBEATS. His series of youtube videos ‘Beats Unravelled’ where he reinterprets songs from some of the best producers over the last few years including Lapalux, Madlib, Amon Tobin and Flying Lotus are quite frankly astonishing. The inventiveness and musicality displayed he uses when tackling these covers which in a couple of cases really have no right to be covered in a live setting, is impressive. Using a typewriter to achieve those squelchy, groovy, compressed Flylo high hats  in video #2 is a particular highlight. This kind of talent can’t stay quiet for long with almost 10,000 subscribers on his channel, BLINKBEATS is set to take a whole new audience by storm with an announcement from Boiler Room of an exclusive collaboration. Watch his latest video below, a majestic collage of classic Dilla cuts.



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