NEWS: Moodymann announces new album


Midas could touch things and turn them to Gold, Kenny Dixon Jr touches music and gives it groove. On this day of giving thanks, I’m most thankful for the news that the fabled Detroit DJ, producer and all round cool dude, Moodymann, has announced the release of a full length album entitled ABCD: The Album. I could wax lyrical about the merits of Moodymann all day, but have a look and listen to a sample of the first track from the album ‘Come with me’  below, to save me the words and time. Such soul and such groove, the urge to move is undeniable. If there is a flyer kat in house music today, I challenge you to show me him.

1. Hold It Down
2. Never Quite The Same
3. Desire
4. Restart
5. NO
6. Sunday Hotel
7. Come To Me
8. Lyk U Used 2
9. Radio
10. U Look Like Ice Cream N The Summertime
11. Girl
12. Sloppy Cosmic


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