NEWS: Kon’s in town

DJ Kon

Sometimes it’s easy to forget just how spoilt for choice we are in London when it comes to nights out. If you know where to look, the events calendar is littered with interesting and talented djs and artists skilled at providing would be clubbers with quality nights out. But ever so rarely there comes a booking that excites so much it can make a grown man lose control of his bladder momentariliy, Trouble Vision and Tief have provided us with that booking.

On the 3rd May (Bank Holiday Weekend) Dj Kon aka Konphibious will be taking the helm at Corsica studios for what will be a very special couple of hours on one of the best soundsystems in the land. I first heard of the Boston native on a Gilles Peterson podcast almost 3 years ago on which Kon along with his partner in crime Amir shared his in-depth knowledge on rare grooves and played some of the best edits I’ve ever heard. What Kon can do with an edit is genius, he takes classic songs (often forgotten classics) and almost deconstructs them step-by-step, so the listener gets to hear all the elements of the song that make it so great. Very rarely is any new sound added and if it is, it’s in keeping with the original vibe and groove. The arrangements are perfect for the dancefloor and the result is that they do that magical thing of evoking a sense of happy nostalgia as if you’ve heard the edit and danced to it a million times before, even if it’s the very first time. Kon’s ‘Nitetime’ mix of Cerrone’s ‘Hooked On You’ is in my top five tunes of the last few years. You could have grown up in the Gobi desert, in a hut, without a radio and I’m convinced this edit will make you smile or dance or both. It’s undeniably good.

Kon is a renowned crate digger, and is also at the forefront of a group who have acquired muti-tracks and digital versions of original recording sessions of some of music’s greatest artists. This is obviously why his remixes sound so great, but it also gives you an insight into how serious and passionate he is, about his art form and the culture that surrounds it. In the same way that graffiti was part of the bboy culture, crate digging is an essential part of being a good dj. It’s a process that gives you knowledge you can draw from when playing to a crowd and gives you individuality as a dj. Kon’s reputation as a crate digger has garnered him respect from the likes of Soul Clap, Jazzanova, Dâm-Funk, Rich Medina, A-Trak and it’s been reported that even Dr Dre has called on his expertise.

What makes this night extra special, on top of the venue, on top of the world class soundsystem, is also the other talent on display. Headlining will be Motor City Drum Ensemble and providing support will be Axel Boman, Session Victim (Live) and Christopher Rau. Rising stars and residents Mr Solid Gold and Hesseltime also feature. MCDE is an artist who also uses his love of older music to heavily dictate his work. His love of Soul, Jazz and Detroit Techno can be heard in many of his productions. His sets are noted for their patient build ups, strong rhythms and layers upon layers of pure soul and funk. This country German has more soul than ya’ average!

Kon doesn’t make it to our shores often, which is why I felt the urge to implore as many people as possible to make it to this night. Trouble Vision/Tief on the 3rd May promises to be like a shooting star, enchanting, only there for a fleeting moment and when you try and tell people how good it was, they never really get it…because they weren’t there to see for themselves. I will be there, to see, hear and dance and I highly recommend you are too.




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