Dress-down Friday: Jaheim – Could It Be (Anything You Want Remix)

Brand new feature: As it’s Friday and everyone’s hopefully a little more relaxed….we here at 72 Booms thought we might add to the chilled vibe with a tune from our past every single Friday. Native gets things kicked off with a track from an album he rinsed as a teen Jaheim’s ‘Ghetto Love’. “Brought to my attention once again by 72 Booms listener Nic Bauer, I remember this track for it’s brilliant RnB twist on the Craig Mack classic flava in ya ear, Jaheim had that badboi swagger along with the voice. I’d love to play this out, it’s got that swing that makes everyone wanna dance”

Send us in your suggestions for dress-down Fridays….Guilty pleasures, Soundtracks, Obscure genres, Nostalgic tracks etc. You get the idea!


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