VIDEO: Frank Ocean – Pyramids

Frank Ocean is an artist who is enjoying a coming of age this year, and whenever that happens to a musician with such potential, we are usually treated to a range of consistently high quality content.

This is the case with Christopher Francis Ocean and the team behind him. I love the artistic direction he is taking, it’s confident, its totally gratifying to anyone that has followed his career and the decisions (like working with talented young director Nabil Elderkin) are spot on. The arty new video for Pyramids is a brilliantly edited, dark and drug induced accompaniment to one of the most powerful tracks on ‘Channel Orange’. It’s kind of exactly what I had envisaged upon first listening to this track, particularly love the distorting of the strippers faces throughout, probably as it’s so reminiscent of one of my favourite music videos ever, Aphex Twin’s Window Licker directed by the great Chris Cunningham. Peep the video below and also have a listen to my review of Channel Orange on 72 Booms #5.5 HERE.


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