New: Aaliyah – Enough Said feat. Drake

Only a few days after rumours of Drake being involved in a post-humous Aaliyah album, a new track produced by Drakes long time collaborator Noah’40’ Shebib has been released via Drake’s blog. Including previously unheard vocals from Aaliyah and a verse from Dreezy himself, we can expect a huge reaction positive and negative for the rest of the week.

For me it’s exciting, anyone that listens to the podcast will know about my love for 90’s RnB and also how I believe it has had a massive influence on the music that’s been killing the dance floors across the UK in the last couple of years. Anyone turning their noses up……what was Resident Advisor’s top track of 2011? Aaliyah was one the real superstars of that 90’s era, and this track if anything is a reminder of why. Effortless, sensual harmonies and ad-libs that coat the very simple beat like honey on pancakes, this really is a treat! Drake’s verse however leaves a lot to be desired. It’s not that it’s not good, rather that it sounds a little misplaced, even intrusive. Quite frankly it wasn’t needed, I would quite happily listen to Aaliyah singing “Yeah Yeah Yeah” for the whole four minutes instead.

I was quite sceptical about the lack of involvement from arguably one of the architects of Aaliyah’s later more commercially successful sound ‘Timbaland’. And he has also made his feelings clear on the issue..but this to me feels like something I could see her making if she was still gracing the charts today and so the idea of this album isn’t as blasphomus as I first thought. I know there will no doubt be a backlash from the hardcore, let’s face it ‘haters gon hate’ but if you can can get past the audacity of this project, I’m sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised by what you hear.


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