Flosstradamus – Banned

Flosstradamus have firmly established themselves as the biggest act in the ‘Trap’ music movement. ‘Trap’ is a term I hate, I find peoples obsession with naming new sub genres of music is a pretty absurd and aimless activity. It’s the fastest way to kill a genre. Besides, this ‘ish has been around from daaay! It’s just big southern american influenced hip hop beats!

And boy! Calling these latest beats from Flosstradamus big, is an understatement! Loud and aggressive, this mixtape is unrelenting. The production is nowhere near as polished as stuff you’d hear on the TNGHT EP, and I’d argue the musical composition is a little lacking but in terms of the vibe it creates, it’s definitely in the same bracket!

Last week they got removed from the mad decent bloc party bill, as the promotor felt they would cause a riot. Take a listen to this mixtape and you’ll here why.

Grap the free download HERE.



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